We would like to point out that all payments are secure

For this reason we only accept super safe and guaranteed payments.

Choose the method that's right for you:

  • ​Cash on delivery
    Pay conveniently in cash when the courier delivers your order with a maximum limit of 1999.00 euros
    This option includes a call before shipping to verify that your number can be reached.
    Cash on delivery payment has an additional cost which is displayed in your cart.
    The courier does not accept bank checks or other securities and is only authorized to withdraw cash. (unless otherwise agreed in advance)
  • ​Bank transfer :
    if you choose this payment method, the goods will be shipped only after verifying the credit has been received at our bank account.
    In the current state of the banking system, the transferred amount is credited to the beneficiary's current account no earlier than 1/3 working days from the date of transfer. The reason to be reported on the bank transfer must indicate the order code. If we do not receive payment within 8/10 days of placing the order, the order will be cancelled;
  • Credit card

Pay safely with your credit card.

You can choose from the following payment gateways

  1. -Nexi XPay credit card (link to the site www.nexi.it )
  2. -Pay Pal (you can pay even if you don't have a PayPal account) (link to the site https://www.paypal.com/it/ )

Payment by credit card does not involve any additional costs.

  • In installments via :
  1. Scalapay from 1 to 3 installments with credit card (link to the site www.scalapay.com )
  2. Soisy from 3 to 24 installments (link to the website www.soisy.it )
    Approval from the finance company is required, IBAN document and PAYSLIP are required